Sunday, July 10, 2011

I heart capitalism?

I'm feeling a little dazed and confused today.

I blame these:

"Pajamas you live in, jeans you sleep in."

I think my brain just exploded at the impossibility that this would ever be a good idea.


  1. Not that I own these or ever intend to...but...remember those early baby days? I could see these being useful then.

  2. I know a girl who has them and LOVES them!!

  3. Alisha - I see your point and I raise you yoga pants and sweatpants. I think pajama jeans would only be acceptable if you were a time traveler from 1857 and you randomly selected these pants to wear in an attempt to fit into 2011. Candace - I guess I could maybe understand liking these pants if you never looked in a mirror. Maybe.

    But I each their own, right?

  4. I'm totally going to get some to gross you out
    (and probably just wear them around the house...and maybe to get the mail...or return a library book...). Then every time I see myself in the mirror I will think of you and giggle.