Saturday, August 28, 2010

Thuper Duper Awethome

Living 20 minutes from Lake Michigan? Favorite.


Seven months old and already a foodie.

Caught ya!

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Delayed Gratification

I'm not very good at working on things that take me a long time to finish but I was able to finish this sundress for Ava that took a ridiculously long time. I finished it about 2 months ago. My first solo sewing project (with a little help from my mom, of course)! Not pictured is the matching bow.

Yeah, the picture is sideways. Meh.

Monday, August 16, 2010

I'm trying to keep laughing about all of this....

But I'm 6 seconds away from yelling.

I was good-natured about the a/c breaking, laughed when the plumbing in the bathroom started leaking everywhere, frowned a little when I got the drill bit stuck in the wall trying to hang curtains, got angry when the cap wouldn't come off the gas line to hook up my stove, got a little frightened when the gas line to the dryer, after being hooked up twice, leaked, and I officially may have gone crazy when the hot water heater broke today.

And my little one is sick.

All I want to do is run her a bath, tuck her in, and then make a delicious dinner.

But creativity with a griddle and a crockpot is running low and I'm not sticking my baby in freezing cold water.

Needless to say I have hastened my house hunt and pray daily for the hearts of those grading the bar exam to be softened.

Oh, and I may or may not have flipped someone off on I-80 today. Don't worry, they more than deserved it and the guy in front of me pumped his arm out the window and smiled at me in his rearview mirror. He wasn't close enough to flip off the offending driver.

I think it's awesome when the highlight of my day is being rude. Oh, and Ava's cute noises.

Saturday, August 14, 2010

Movin on up....??

So life after grad school is supposed to be better than during grad school, right? Eh. Eventually. For now, we live 2 minutes from Gary, Indiana....... the ghetto.

We were actually really lucky to find this apartment. It's a really good deal and they let us do a short term lease while we find a house. That should have been a red flag, I guess. We'll tough it out but in the mean time we're dealing with a broken a/c, plumbing problems, and whatever else pops up. Thankfully the general lack of ...... beauty? is nothing that a quick trip to IKEA can't fix. Too bad it couldn't fix the a/c.

The bathroom just makes me laugh. It looks like our landlords threw a bunch of clearance laminate from Menards on the the walls and floors. Good times, good times.

Friday, August 13, 2010

Back in the USSR

Annnnnnd I fail at making blogging a priority when my life is crazy. Meh. I'm okay with that. There are definitely 15 million things I should/could be doing right now while my baybeh sleeps but in the spirit of procrastination and with a general lack of motivation, I say unto you, blog, "be updated".

And so it was that the blog was updated.

So. Danny took the bar. Now we wait until October 1st to see whether or not he passed and then we either buy a house or get jobs at the local Applebees.

After the dreaded BAR exam (it DESERVES the emphasis of the caps lock, trust me) we packed up all of our stuff and moooooved it all up here to our ghetto apartment in northern Indiana (I thought the ghetto-ness couldn't get worse than Manchester. Color me humbled), went to church (they're really excited about us being here), went back down to Indy where we had to clean our old apartment and then we sought refuge and solace at Casa de Bunker. Here's where I tell you that Peter and Ami Bunker are some of my all time favorite people. Ami Bunker was the first non-family member with whom I left Ava. And I didn't worry a bit while I was gone. It was magical. Anyhoo, her girls gave up their beds for our exhausted bodies and her son adores my baby. Not to mention the fact that they took us to and picked us up from the airport at really late/early hours. EVERYONE NEEDS TO KNOW A FAMILY LIKE THE BUNKERS.

So then we went to Utah where Lauren Jan Hillam became Lauren Hillam Wittwer in a beautiful ceremony in the Salt Lake Temple. Lauren married a grandson of an apostle so it was really cool to be there for their sealing. I couldn't help how emotional I got. I just love her and I'm so excited for her.

Annnnnnd then we came home. To our new, ghetto apartment and Danny started his job and I realized that I will still NEVER SEE HIM. His boss demands 10 billable hours a day. Which is a lot. More than most law firms. BAH! So Ava and I chill. And she tries to walk. Even though she just learned to crawl. And that is life.