Saturday, August 14, 2010

Movin on up....??

So life after grad school is supposed to be better than during grad school, right? Eh. Eventually. For now, we live 2 minutes from Gary, Indiana....... the ghetto.

We were actually really lucky to find this apartment. It's a really good deal and they let us do a short term lease while we find a house. That should have been a red flag, I guess. We'll tough it out but in the mean time we're dealing with a broken a/c, plumbing problems, and whatever else pops up. Thankfully the general lack of ...... beauty? is nothing that a quick trip to IKEA can't fix. Too bad it couldn't fix the a/c.

The bathroom just makes me laugh. It looks like our landlords threw a bunch of clearance laminate from Menards on the the walls and floors. Good times, good times.

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