Monday, November 22, 2010

TMI Alert: The one where I use the words "seventy" and "brazilian" and I'm not talking about a seventy year-old Brazilian.

Some of you may have seen on my facebook that I had an unfortunate conversation this morning.

With a woman in her 70s at the YMCA.

Who was naked.

The status update about this event did not provide enough healing to my soul, so I must blog about it.

The weather has been real crazy around here lately. Today was in the 60s and we had thunderstorms. They started this morning just after I got to the Y to swim. I got all ready to go out to the pool when all the older women who swim during that time came trucking back in telling me that they closed the INDOOR pool because of the storm (yeah....who does that?). I stood around the locker room being sad and wondering if I should wait it out or not. I decided not to but thought I could get a shower in while I was there anyway. I started gathering my various soaps when out popped one of the regulars from her shower telling me all about how they have to wait 20 minutes from the time of the first lightening strike to bla bla bla I have no idea what she was saying because she was standing there completely naked talking at me. This was probably the first time in my life I wished my vision was worse. She then grabbed her towel and I inwardly thanked my lucky stars that she was robing herself. WRONG. WHY DOES THE UNIVERSE HATE ME?! Oh. She toweled. She toweled everything. Everything except her......bosoms....her saggy, saggy bosoms. WHO DOES THAT?! Then she decided that we needed to keep talking about the pool being closed at a close range. I just kept nodding my head and then was able to slink into a shower.

I realize that this happens a lot. Older people don't care, apparently, who sees their bodies. I do not understand this and I will not be this way when I am older. If by some strange happening I have the urge to wear my birthday suit around the locker room I will not because I will remember how AWKWARD it felt being an unfortunate bystander in that situation.

It was like we were playing chicken. Or something.

I lost.

Let the healing commence.

Monday, November 15, 2010

Week 5, 12, 7011...

No idea what week I'm on. I moved. And then unpacking took forever (only 3 more boxes!). I continued with my diet (kind of) but wasn't able to take time out to go for walks. However, I would say that moving and unpacking boxes, drilling, assembling furniture, and numerous shopping trips (one to IKEA with a full cart and a full furniture cart AND a screaming 9 month old who refused to be in the cart any longer)? All good workouts. It's not as if I've been sitting around on the book of face all day (because I'm not a depressed zombie anymore). And I've also had to remind myself to eat meals, which means I haven't been bored-eating. Bored-eating is the woooooorst.

So I can safely say I think I should have lost some weight by now. A pound? 5? Just a little bit? No. Nothing. Not. one. pound. lost. Do you realize how demoralizing that is? It's not fun to be doing the best you can and have that not be anywhere close to good enough. Sigh. I wish I were one of the many women whose baby weight just melts away.

So. Change of plans. I had a nice long conversation with a good friend who also happens to be a professional in this area. Fitness is her life. We decided that I should just do it. Just get the gym membership. This way I can get a REALLY good workout in the water without killing my feet AND I can have a little mommy break from the cutest baby in the world for an hour a day. Both of these things will be goodness for my body, for my sanity. NEEEED MOOOOORE ENDORPHIIIIIINS. Hopefully with these forces combined......I can look like captain planet.

Friday, November 12, 2010

Oh life. You make me smile.

Felt pretty fancy the other day, driving within view of downtown Chicago with my new Crate and Barrel rug in my trunk and NPR on my radio.

And then I looked down and saw dried pureed carrots on my shirt.

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Moved. Again.

So I haven't been around that much as of late becaaaaaauuse....

we moved again.


When first we relocated after the school of law we thought we would just rent for a few months and then buy a house. We scratched the home buying idea for now but still wanted to get out of our month-to-month rental. I thought it was an okay place at the time. Turns out, given space and a way nicer home, it was pretty much a hell hole.

I fully intend to blame the fact that I haven't come to like my new surroundings on that stupid house we were in. No dishwasher and the most ghetto rehab job you've ever seen combined with the fact that I couldn't unpack anything or decorate anything made for one unhappy momma.

But now....

I love my house. It's light and airy and cottage-y and beautiful. I have a basement that's half finished, a place for all my crafting and furniture-ing, a dishwasher (huzzah!!!), and THE BIGGEST REFRIGERATOR I HAVE EVER SEEN. Oh! And a MUDROOM! I love it here. I'll post pictures when I actually get boxes put away. And reliable internet.

That is all.