Thursday, December 30, 2010

It's starting to become clearer...

I am a pretty open person. And by pretty I mean very. I have no problem talking about things that a lot of people don't or won't. Why? It's kind of just my personality.

I am surrounded by and related to some pretty private people. I don't mean to make these people squirm by my candid conversations, I just start talking and before I know it I can tell I have made someone uncomfortable and, in their view, "overshared" (the fact that I get little adult interaction during the day only exacerbates these situations (see:verbal diarrhea)).

So if my talking about post-partum depression or weight gain or various pet peeves makes you squirm? Then you need to be less sensitive. Less squirmy. At least when talking to me. I will do my part and warn you when a potentially uncomfortable subject is about to be discussed. We call these "squirmy subjects".

Squirmy subject of the week: my weight.

If you had told me in elementary school/middle school/high school that I would be open about my weight I would have LAUGHED IN YOUR FACE. I don't mean open in the sense that I am going to tell you how much I weigh, no no no. I just mean open in the sense that I will talk about my struggles losing and maintaining weight, working out, and eating well. IT IS THERAPY SO STOP WITH THE JUDGEY FACE.

I have already opened up about my current quest to lose the weight my anti-depressants help me put on in an alarmingly short period of time (20 pounds in 1.5 months with no change to diet or exercise. hmmmmmm). I have been pretty frustrated with the fact that I have been making some big changes and I cannot get anywhere. So I just stopped stepping on the scale. I have not stepped on the scale in about a month.

I did go to the doctor this week to get my thyroid checked. So I had to get weighed. And guess what. I LOST TEN POUNDS!!!! Wooooooooot. FINALLY! I also had an epiphany as to why I'm not losing the weight as quickly as I'd like.

They tried to draw my blood at the doc's office (his office is in a hospital). She felt both arms for quite a while, stuck me twice and couldn't get anything because my veins were too small, and ended up sending me down to the hospital lab. I chugged 16 oz of water on my way over but I guess that didn't really help. The tech decided she was going to have to draw it from my hand. Now, when this lab tech, who draws blood all day every day, had to call the most senior lab tech over to do it because she's "better at it", described me as "extremely dehydrated" and made me sit there afterward and drink more water......I realized that drinking water needed to move up my priority list.

It needs to go before laundry and dishes.

I know.

I sat there and thought about the fact that I couldn't remember the last time I drank a whole glass of water at one time. Sad. And unhealthy.

This probably also explains the fatigue I've been feeling lately. Time for more water.

Saturday, December 25, 2010

The BEST part of Christmas

My dad got an automatic tie rack for Christmas. He was very careful to read the intruction manual before proceeding with tie rack installation/usage. He found the manual to be very informative. As did we all. Here are a few of my favorite tips(none of the following are typos):

"Automatic Tie Rack Insturction Manual"

3. Rotate the top suport clockwise slightly (Caution: Strong power is not allowed, prevent hook from snaping)

5. Install in AA batteries according to positive and cathode indicated in the battery case

7. Operation of the Tie Rack: When press the right button the hook belt will contrarotate and the LED light is lighting at the same time, it means Tie Rack is in operation.20 seconds later the hook belt will stop running automatically, 30 seconds later the LED light will be dead; When press the left button the hook beltwill run clockwise and the LED light is lighting.

Caution (favorite part):

1. If the mechanism can not be runing for 20 seconds ( One working cycle) and the LED is dead when you press the left or right button, it indicates the batteries inside are out, you need to install the new batteries for working
2. Please install the new batteries 10 seconds at least later when take out the old batteries. Otherwise it wiill bring the mechanism died or make the program wrong

Ahhhhhh. Nothing puts me into the Christmas spirit like badly translated instructions from China. You win.

Merry Christmas

Friday, December 24, 2010

She really is my daughter....

Now, I don't usually carry around large bars of chocolate in my purse. As I was typing that sentence, my little sister voiced her disbelief in this statement. Let me clarify. Usually the large bars of chocolate I buy are carried IN MY HAND WHILE I EAT THEM. But listen, this particular bar (cookies n' cream - which I cannot eat anyway because of the whole gluten thing) was won at a Christmas party. I set my purse on the ground when we got home and it was still there the following morning. The following ensued:


So I was looking through some old photos of le behbeh today and I saw this one.

Bet you can't guess what she's doing....


Yes, I'm thirteen.

Monday, December 13, 2010

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Next thing I know she'll change her name to Baby Dirty Diapey

My baby is not okay with her status as a "baby". She has been in a hurry to grow up since.... well.... since shortly after leaving the hospital. It makes me excited and sad all at the same time. It is SO fun to watch her learn and grow but I'd like her to stay little a little longer. At least she has started cuddling...

She loves playing with bigger kids. I went to pick her up from the Y babysitting yesterday and she refused to come with me. She still wanted to play so she just kept running around the playroom and ignoring my presence.
She throws tantrums already. Real ones. When I take things away from her, depending on her mood, she'll throw herself on the ground and scream.
She always wants to help me do whatever I'm doing and gets frustrated when I don't include her (this includes cooking, crafting, anything on the computer, and grocery shopping. She gets cranky if she's in the cart for too long. And then I get cranky).
She shares. Last week, she gave me mandarin oranges to eat. Today, her green beans.
And She pretty much runs everywhere now. And babble/talks constantly as she runs around holding her stuffed animals.

Again. She is only 10 months old. Heaven help me. I'm praying for a chill, relaxed baby next time around (which won't be for a looong time, so don't get any ideas).

Helping me wrap presents:

Talking football with the boys:

Running around/making sure everything is okay:

**Edit: For those of you who don't understand the title of this blog post it is referencing Sean Combs. Also known as Puff Daddy, then P Diddy, then Diddy, and NOW Diddy Dirty Money. Class. Act.


A love note.

Dear Target -

"They" don't make really good shoes for walking 10 month olds. They're either too loose or too chunky, they fall off or the babe trips constantly when wearing them. I mean I guess I could find the shoes I need through the internets but they are just too expensive for shoes said 10 month old will outgrow in two months. You feel me? I know you feel me because you have supplied me with affordable shoes that's.feet. And you are not Wal-Mart. Bless your little red bullseye soul.

Always prancing through your aisles,



A bouquet about which I can get excited.

If you have ever been to my house during the summer you know I love fresh flowers everywhere. Kiiiind of hard to keep that going during the winter. So? Evergreen bouquet!

And THEN we hosted Thanksgiving. Gluten-free Thanksgiving

I was really stoked to have Thanksgiving at our house this year. My parents, little sister, brother Dustin and SIL Rebecca and their little ones descended on our abode on Thursday and we had a delightful couple of days with each other. I love my family. These people are fabulous. Actually.

The dinner turned out to be pretty good (it's hard to really know when you're the one cooking. Food always tastes better when you don't have to cook it). I was proud of my turkey. I let it chill in some brine for 24 hours, cooked it breast side down, covered it in butter and broth soaked cheesecloth for the first 1 1/2 hour, and basted every 30 minutes. Most moist turkey I've ever had. So, yeah. It was fun. I didn't have all the extra decor I wanted. I just ran out of energy and time with moving and unpacking. Moh well.

After so much time together, Tom and I became pretty good friends.


a little food...

And a little conversation...

Maybe not so much conversation for her....

After Turkey Day we decided to take the train up to Chicago to see some sites. It was soooo cold and windy and I now understand why people sell/buy full-length down coats. We saw some cool legos, ate some pizza, and walked around the city. We wanted to do more (like Navy Pier) but after 20 minutes of walking the wrong way and being frozen to the bone we decided to just call it a day. After we got home Dustin and Rebecca went with Danny and Me to see the new Harry Potter. Loved it. We came home to see Aunt Shanna with Ava:

The rest of the weekend was enjoying each other. Which everyone did.

A lazy morning with technology...

Llou mashing bananas and Ava eating her toes?

Llou was obsessed with Ava. "Can I hold her? Can I hold her? Can I hold her?" And Ava loved it.

Yeah. Rebecca playing Mario on Wii. I know.

And Abug offering tips.

Llou and Grandpa

Good weekend is an understatement.

Enjoying the new couch

Just hangin' out.

The time our daughter raised herself in the jungle because we abandoned her

Danny's cousin plays right tackle for the University of Utah Football Team so when they came to South Bend to play Notre Dame we had to go. We didn't want to take Ava with us so we left her at home by herself. Kidding. We have some friends in our ward that are awesome and watched her for us. But still. I hadn't left her for that long. Ever. Turns out that she loved playing with other kids and really didn't miss me at all. Nice.

It was rainy and cold and the stadium at Notre Dame needs some serious updates and it was an ugly game that we did not win. BUT I basically got to spend THE WHOLE DAY with JUST my husband. It was SO weird. And aha-wesome. And we got to see some quality people as well. So? WORTH IT.



Happy football man.

Danny's cousin, Tony Bergstrom. 7-0.

I love the mist that falls over the field...

4th quarter...

And then we moved again.

So we moved again at the beginning of October. I have mentioned this before. I love love love our new place and I actually feel like it's home. Anyhoodle, Ava decided to start really walking the weekend we moved. My mom drove all the way from Dayton to help us out with the move. I think Ava was just showing off for Grandma.

Ava walking:

Ava lovin' on Grandma Brown:

Getting super caught up with pictures - October

This is from waaaay back in October (sooooooo looooong ago).

Creepin' on the apples.

I highly recommend an apple peeler/corer when canning applesauce. Highly.

REAL applesauce.

Someone got into the Halloween candy and chewed the Dots boxes and made the Dots all soggy, which is okay because who likes Dots anyway?

Yeah. This was as festive as I got with a Halloween costume this year. I know. "But Tiffany! It was Ava's first Halloween and they have so many cute costumes out there and she would have looked scrumptious!" Yeah. All I heard out of that was "bla bla Halloween bla bla costumes that Ava would hate and try to rip off and be really cranky about the entire evening bla bla bla you want to eat my kid." No dice.

You have to admit she looks pretty scrumptious anyway.