Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Getting super caught up with pictures - October

This is from waaaay back in October (sooooooo looooong ago).

Creepin' on the apples.

I highly recommend an apple peeler/corer when canning applesauce. Highly.

REAL applesauce.

Someone got into the Halloween candy and chewed the Dots boxes and made the Dots all soggy, which is okay because who likes Dots anyway?

Yeah. This was as festive as I got with a Halloween costume this year. I know. "But Tiffany! It was Ava's first Halloween and they have so many cute costumes out there and she would have looked scrumptious!" Yeah. All I heard out of that was "bla bla Halloween bla bla costumes that Ava would hate and try to rip off and be really cranky about the entire evening bla bla bla you want to eat my kid." No dice.

You have to admit she looks pretty scrumptious anyway.

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