Thursday, December 30, 2010

It's starting to become clearer...

I am a pretty open person. And by pretty I mean very. I have no problem talking about things that a lot of people don't or won't. Why? It's kind of just my personality.

I am surrounded by and related to some pretty private people. I don't mean to make these people squirm by my candid conversations, I just start talking and before I know it I can tell I have made someone uncomfortable and, in their view, "overshared" (the fact that I get little adult interaction during the day only exacerbates these situations (see:verbal diarrhea)).

So if my talking about post-partum depression or weight gain or various pet peeves makes you squirm? Then you need to be less sensitive. Less squirmy. At least when talking to me. I will do my part and warn you when a potentially uncomfortable subject is about to be discussed. We call these "squirmy subjects".

Squirmy subject of the week: my weight.

If you had told me in elementary school/middle school/high school that I would be open about my weight I would have LAUGHED IN YOUR FACE. I don't mean open in the sense that I am going to tell you how much I weigh, no no no. I just mean open in the sense that I will talk about my struggles losing and maintaining weight, working out, and eating well. IT IS THERAPY SO STOP WITH THE JUDGEY FACE.

I have already opened up about my current quest to lose the weight my anti-depressants help me put on in an alarmingly short period of time (20 pounds in 1.5 months with no change to diet or exercise. hmmmmmm). I have been pretty frustrated with the fact that I have been making some big changes and I cannot get anywhere. So I just stopped stepping on the scale. I have not stepped on the scale in about a month.

I did go to the doctor this week to get my thyroid checked. So I had to get weighed. And guess what. I LOST TEN POUNDS!!!! Wooooooooot. FINALLY! I also had an epiphany as to why I'm not losing the weight as quickly as I'd like.

They tried to draw my blood at the doc's office (his office is in a hospital). She felt both arms for quite a while, stuck me twice and couldn't get anything because my veins were too small, and ended up sending me down to the hospital lab. I chugged 16 oz of water on my way over but I guess that didn't really help. The tech decided she was going to have to draw it from my hand. Now, when this lab tech, who draws blood all day every day, had to call the most senior lab tech over to do it because she's "better at it", described me as "extremely dehydrated" and made me sit there afterward and drink more water......I realized that drinking water needed to move up my priority list.

It needs to go before laundry and dishes.

I know.

I sat there and thought about the fact that I couldn't remember the last time I drank a whole glass of water at one time. Sad. And unhealthy.

This probably also explains the fatigue I've been feeling lately. Time for more water.


  1. So I had the water epiphany a few months ago. And I read somehwere that your body sometimes sends hunger signals when you're actually thirsty. Since drinking more water, I'm amazingly eating less. Turns out I was thirstier than I thought.

  2. I hate drinking water too! It usually makes me have a belly ache. But I looooove ice, so I buy like a bag of ice at Sonic every week and crunch down on a cup of that a few times a day. Delicious :)

  3. Michelle - I realized that I'm mistaking the thirst signals for chocolate cravings. Once I get this under control I will be consuming a ton fewer calories.

  4. Gosh, I wish you would just stop talking about everything, it all makes me uncomfortable. Basically the only reason I tolerate you is because you have nice hair, I mean, umm, awkward.

  5. Nice try, Rebecca. You never squirm when I talk. At least that I can tell. Maybe you're internally squirming and just REALLY good at hiding it???