Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Next thing I know she'll change her name to Baby Dirty Diapey

My baby is not okay with her status as a "baby". She has been in a hurry to grow up since.... well.... since shortly after leaving the hospital. It makes me excited and sad all at the same time. It is SO fun to watch her learn and grow but I'd like her to stay little a little longer. At least she has started cuddling...

She loves playing with bigger kids. I went to pick her up from the Y babysitting yesterday and she refused to come with me. She still wanted to play so she just kept running around the playroom and ignoring my presence.
She throws tantrums already. Real ones. When I take things away from her, depending on her mood, she'll throw herself on the ground and scream.
She always wants to help me do whatever I'm doing and gets frustrated when I don't include her (this includes cooking, crafting, anything on the computer, and grocery shopping. She gets cranky if she's in the cart for too long. And then I get cranky).
She shares. Last week, she gave me mandarin oranges to eat. Today, her green beans.
And She pretty much runs everywhere now. And babble/talks constantly as she runs around holding her stuffed animals.

Again. She is only 10 months old. Heaven help me. I'm praying for a chill, relaxed baby next time around (which won't be for a looong time, so don't get any ideas).

Helping me wrap presents:

Talking football with the boys:

Running around/making sure everything is okay:

**Edit: For those of you who don't understand the title of this blog post it is referencing Sean Combs. Also known as Puff Daddy, then P Diddy, then Diddy, and NOW Diddy Dirty Money. Class. Act.


  1. That is just CAH-RAY-ZEE that she is so steady on her feet!!!

  2. That is exactly how Chase was! It's crazy for me to see now because Carra isn't even really crawling yet. She has a very efficient army crawl and she walks when we are holding her hands but that's about all I got.

  3. Whit - I am hoping for a Carra-like baby next time. It's fun to have such a precocious kid.....but it's also not, ya know?