Saturday, December 25, 2010

The BEST part of Christmas

My dad got an automatic tie rack for Christmas. He was very careful to read the intruction manual before proceeding with tie rack installation/usage. He found the manual to be very informative. As did we all. Here are a few of my favorite tips(none of the following are typos):

"Automatic Tie Rack Insturction Manual"

3. Rotate the top suport clockwise slightly (Caution: Strong power is not allowed, prevent hook from snaping)

5. Install in AA batteries according to positive and cathode indicated in the battery case

7. Operation of the Tie Rack: When press the right button the hook belt will contrarotate and the LED light is lighting at the same time, it means Tie Rack is in operation.20 seconds later the hook belt will stop running automatically, 30 seconds later the LED light will be dead; When press the left button the hook beltwill run clockwise and the LED light is lighting.

Caution (favorite part):

1. If the mechanism can not be runing for 20 seconds ( One working cycle) and the LED is dead when you press the left or right button, it indicates the batteries inside are out, you need to install the new batteries for working
2. Please install the new batteries 10 seconds at least later when take out the old batteries. Otherwise it wiill bring the mechanism died or make the program wrong

Ahhhhhh. Nothing puts me into the Christmas spirit like badly translated instructions from China. You win.

Merry Christmas

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