Monday, October 3, 2011

Still squeaky but a lot prettier

Man! Enough heavy posts for at least a month or two. I love all the feedback I got from the last one though. It's important to talk about these things, ladies. Helps the healing andsoforth.

So in the spirit of lightheartedness, here are my new floors:

Aren't they pretty??? The wood has a nice redness to it. No stain needed. Now all we have left to do.....oh EVERYTHING. We are getting a lot of help with it though. Danny's dad is visiting for a while so we hope to have all the plaster in the walls fixed, sanded, primed, and painted by the end of tomorrow and my dining room is a lovely shade of "fresh butter" as I type this. We just need to paint the trim, baseboards, and built-ins, change out the overhead lighting and I then I can put my NEW TABLE and freshly painted chairs in and call the dining room done for a while. hu.zzah.

I am currently dreading the painting of the trim right now though. The ONLY room in my entire house that had white trim when we moved in was our room. The rest of the house has this gross shade of off-white enamel on the trim. That's right, ENAMEL. Bla. And the windows also have it. There are 6 windows in the living room alone. It's the price you pay for buying a house with a lot of natural light whose previous owners had turrible taste. Just turrible.

Buuuuuut. I'm really getting excited. Like, thuper duper exthited. And I'm so glad for the help. Aren't parents awesome?


  1. GORGEOUS! They're just gorgeous! I'm super impressed. Would love to have wood floors like that one dayl

  2. I think we have the same different cities...