Tuesday, January 24, 2012

The one when I forgot about my kid's birthday but it doesn't matter because she won't remember. I hope.


I didn't really forget about Ava's 2nd birthday.

I just thought that today was tomorrow. Youknowthathappenstoyoutoo.

I visited with some ladies in my congregation this morning and they even asked when Ava was turning 2 and I said, "tomorrow" because that's how I roll. Guess what though? She actually turns 2 today.

I'm just glad that I figured it out before noon. I called Danny and he admitted that he couldn't remember if her birthday was the 24th or the 28th.

So yeah. We're like. Parents of the year. We (meaning mostly me) just need to get our act together before she crosses the memory threshold and will actually be able to remember emotionally scarring parental gaffes. Man! I am like, a professional gaffer. For serious. Joe Biden style.

Thankfully, the stars aligned and this morning was a super fun morning for Ava anyway. Lots of friends and new (to her) toys and a birthday lunch. If I had stayed all mixed-up on my days until this evening and hadn't been able to do a birthday lunch with Ava, I would have been really upset. Birthday lunches are the best. Every year on our birthdays my parents would take us kids out of school and take us out to lunch. There was nothing about it that wasn't awesome. It was my birthday, I got an hour and a half with my parents all to myself, I got to choose the restaurant (usually China Cottage), and I got to get out of school. Upon returning from my birthday lunch my classmates always told me how lucky I was. "Yeah, I know" I would snootily reply.

So we went to Dairy Queen. Ava ate a ton of food and then ran around and played in their play area. I stood there watching her slide down a giant hot dog and climb over a banana split and just remembered her littleness. Specifically, I was remembering our last day in the hospital before we brought her home. Ava and I were alone in our room and I needed to take a shower. I put her down in her bassinet and attempted a shower but it was almost impossible. She just wanted to be held and I didn't want her to start crying for fear I would be labeled a terrible mother. So I wheeled her little bassinet right next to the bathroom door and ran out of the shower every 2 minutes when her pacifier fell out and stuck it back in, comforted her, and then continued my shower. It makes me giggle to think about it now, the silliness of it all.

How has she already been on this earth for two years? How come the days are long but the weeks fly by? How was she ever teeny enough to fit inside of me (ewgross)?

It's just a general feeling of how did that go so fast? floating around in my mind as I make a cake and wrap presents.

So even though I got my days all mixed up, I didn't really forget Ava's birthday. I could never forget the day that teeny, tiny human changed my heart.

Happy Birthday, little one.


  1. You found time to blog about your oops, which makes you good as gold to me! Good work mom! Tell Ava Happy Birthday from us! 2yrs is my very favorite age!

  2. Cute baby. (Actually, cute little "not so baby anymore"). And unfortunately, I never know the date anymore. It helped when I wrote it on top of my paper everyday during grade school. And those days are over.