Thursday, September 13, 2012

Some meh and some yeah!

I know I'm missing the last installment of summertime happenings but man. Technical issues, people. Technical. Issues. So maybe in a couple months I'll blog part 3 (you're welcome, Shannon).

But right now I am pretty excited about my fireplace. It is done. DONE! Praiseallthatisgoodintheworld. Remember how it used to look? Need a refresher?
With the off-white paint and the red brick and the brass grate and the blah and the blee ??

 Had to go.

I have a bunch of "in progress" shots of this whole thing but with the technical bla bla bla I don't know where they are and I don't feel like looking so you just get the before and after. You're welcome.

We took off the grate, Danny put a wood facade on the front, we painted the outside white and the inside black, took out the ugly red brick (which was quite an ordeal and involved my husband being very manly with a chisel and a sledgehammer), laid the tile and grouted, and finally caulked it all. And now that I have a finished fireplace and a huge mantel, I. must. decorate for all the things. Even for back to school fun. (excuse the crappy night picture.)

Yes, that is a giant pencil and yes, I made a chalkboard (leftover black paint + unsanded grout = chalkboard paint) and no, you cannot eat those apples. Ava already tried.

I have my birch twigs....all I need are actual logs. Don't worry....I'm already working on my Halloween decor. So indulgent.


  1. looooooooooove it. i really want a house to tear up and decorate SO BAD. so when you are feeling annoyed at all the diy, just know that i am jealous of your annoyance.

  2. looks fantastic! I love it! Don't you love decorating for all the things!! I never knew how much satisfaction fixing up my house would give...or that I would willingly give up hours of sleep to do it :)

  3. much could we pay you guys to come and fix our fireplace? Danny would definitely need that sledgehammer.