Wednesday, January 23, 2013

R continued

So here's what we did for the rainbow portion of our R week last week:

Tissue paper rainbow on contact paper. It's now hanging on one of Danny's office windows. His coworkers are really impressed with his crafting skills.

Then we made a rainbow ribbon dancer. Except we used tulle. Tulle isn't as flowy as ribbon but it is reeeeeally cheap. We tied strips of tulle onto a shower curtain ring and danced. All morning.

Then we made rainbow drip flower pots. It's pretty self explanatory, non? Just turn the pot upside down and squirt acrylic paint on top. A little bit of paint goes a long way. And squirt each color on top of the last..... or as close to "on top" as your tot can get. Watch as it flows down the side. It's mesmerizing.

Ours took a good 2 days to dry completely.

That was R. At no point in the alphabet are A and B close to R, but I realized during the holidays that I do a better job of all this fun when I'm doing a letter I'm really excited about, and if that means we don't go in alphabetical order, than that's what it means.

Next week: J. For jungle and jellyfish and Jesus.

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  1. The preschool all three of my kids went to did the alphabet out of order. So I wouldn't stress it. (Not that I think you are. Because you probably aren't. But if for some chance you are, well then just stop it.)