Monday, April 1, 2013

Spring Break?


It's spring break. That wouldn't normally mean anything to me since my husband is done with all schooling forever and my kid is not old enough for school but this year, spring break means I don't teach my music class this week (Let's Play Music!). For some reason that makes me feel like I have a ton of time on my hands.

Secondly, the continuous cloud cover that hangs over these here parts for most of November-March is finally dissipating. We've had sunshine like, five days in a row and it is miraculous. (The cloud cover reminds me a lot of Ghostbusters 2. It's like pink slime over the entire midwest.)

Thirdly, I am into my second trimester of pregnancy with baby number dos (yay for babies!!!!) and I am FINALLY feeling like eating and living again. I have energy!

So. Let's recap.

TONS of extra time + sunshine that motivates my soul and gives energy to all living things + second trimester =

We'll see how this goes.....

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