Saturday, July 13, 2013

Just a summer night

Yesterday was one of those Fridays that was just good for the soul.

We fed the Sister Misharies (missionaries), which is always the best.

Then, Danny and I went on a date. We sat on the beach and talked and watched the sun set.

Probably one of our best dates ever. I do love that man. 

Strawberry lemonades in hand, we got home to a little girl who was still awake (thanks, 4:00 nap!) but it was totally okay because she was suddenly beyond adorable and I realized that she had never been awake late enough to see the fireflies. 

And fireflies are magic.

So we sat on the front porch and she? Geeked. Out. about the fireflies. It was one of those moments that, if harnessed correctly, could bring world peace. 

I love summer.

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