Friday, January 17, 2014

This is real

I will break my snoop bloggy blog silence tonight by talking about something that enrages/scares the daylights out of me. Regardez:

I cannot believe what is being marketed to young girls these days. Can. Not. 

The first picture I took in a toy aisle whilst looking for a very specific gift for my daughter. They are called Bratz dolls. The huge blue eyes, the teeny nose, the huuuuge unnatural collagen lips, and the stripper makeup is Just. Too. Much. I know these dolls have been around for a while but I don't remember them looking so lady-of-the-night when they first came out. Hooooooow does anyone think that marketing this doll to young girls reinforces anything but negative ideas? I was in disbelief when I saw the ad. 

Picture number two I took in Target. In the girls' section. Ava is one size away from shopping in that section and I was so sad to see one of her favorite cartoon characters (Rainbow Dash) referencing the song Blurred Lines. (If you don't know the song you have probably been living under a rock.)

I'm sad that money comes before morality in marketing to preschoolers, kindergartners, and elementary aged children (I expect it with older age groups). I'm sad that there are 6 year olds that know the song Blurred Lines. I'm sad that there are little girls growing up thinking that they need to have tons of makeup and tiny noses and huge lips to be beautiful. I'm sad that there are parents who buy that crap for their kids. I'm sad that innocence can get lost so young, so easily now. 

And I'm mad. Mama Bear has been awoken. I'm ready for a fight. A big long one where Ava is the winner. 

She is so very beautiful, from the inside out. But it will become so easy for her to forget that. 


  1. Wait until Ava has to try on jeans when she's ten and all the ones you can afford are either so low cut they show the butt crack or so "skinny" she can't get in them, even though she's a healthy, normal girl who's starting to get hips. And so she cries in the dressing room and you want to punch every single person connected to the fashion industry until they bleed.
    I'll fight right next to you, because this stuff has got to change.

  2. Makes my insides sick. These girls of ours are going to face trials we can't even imagine... I'll be fighting right along beside you!