Sunday, January 4, 2015

*Cricket cricket*

Well hello.

You've been quiet for quite some time. Oh wait, that was me being quiet. Quietness is not really something I'm known for. Like, at all. I guess le blog totally fell off le priority list. For a long time.

I'm back, I guess. I kind of like having a place to write ridiculous things because I AM known for being ridiculous.

So here we are. Let's chat. Let's paint each other's nails and play truth or dare. I'll go first. I choooooooooose TRUTH!

Today is my seventh wedding anniversary. SEVEN YEARS. Feels like 2. Feels like my husband and I are growing into each other; growing with each other, intertwined in each other's branches. Feels like we are truly working for the same things and on the same team and speaking the same language for the first time, maybe ever. Feels like our roots are sinking into the soil even further, and he would happily give up some nutrients to make my leaves greener and my branches longer. We are building something here; something ugly and gorgeous and knotted and breathtaking.

Also? I may or may not have thrown out my back. Talk about knotted........

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