Tuesday, September 14, 2010

The amazing grazing baby.

So Ava decided that crawling is for babies. She has other things she needs to do and she cannot accomplish them effectively while crawling. So in an effort to speed her mastery of walking she is practicing standing. Yesterday she stood up all by herself in the middle of the room (aided by the toy bin), let go of the toy bin and stood for a good 20 seconds. She is constantly practicing this. She's doing it right now. So I probably don't need to start a crazy intense workout regimen because Ava will be walking soon. That'll be all the workout I need.

Haha. She also sounds like she hails from an African tongue-clicking tribe. I know all babies do this but it's just so fun when you get to see your own baby discover all the things they can do. She's almost as excited about it as I am.

I love being her mom.

Except for the part where I have to constantly fish things out of her mouth.


  1. do u guys have a walker or a push walker for her? ryan used a push walker to get around until he was walking on his own at NINE.FIVE months. Yikes.

  2. Lo---ve the pics. . .Ava, you're my girl! Walking at 8 months, though*?! After Matt, I don't recall encouraging my babies to walk (however, somehow Danny and the rest figured it out,lol)

  3. We need to get a walker for her. She would probably LOVE that.