Tuesday, April 19, 2011

A change in the wind, says I

Big sigh of relief.

Danny got a new job. Anyone who has talked to me about his current job knows that I have nothing good to say about it. Well, okay. So I have like 4 good things to say about it. But let's just say that we no longer have any stars in our eyes about Danny's chosen profession.

Honestly? I kind of feel like we've been through hell. I'm sure that 10 years from now I will laugh at that statement and say, "oh Tiffany. Don't be so dramatic." But right now? I feel like I am *finally* at the end of a very dark and long tunnel. I see light. I can feel fresh air. I have hope.

We are moving to a town on the Lake Michigan Coast that is a real city instead of being a tourist destination that is closed for half of the year. It is adorable, has the best schools in the state, and there is a TON to do (specially with the kiddo). The firm is awesome and run by a man who puts his family and his God before everything else. I could not be more excited to sink my teeth and my roots into this place.

So next comes all the logistical craziness of finding new people to rent this place, finding and buying a house, packing and moving, etc etc. Thankfully, our new destination is only an hour away so Danny can commute while we figure everything out. Needless to say, I am soooooo glad I left at least 50% of our stuff in boxes. Good job, me.

And last but not least, a few Ava updates:
- She looooves giving kisses. This means that she puts her little forehead on my forehead and puts her little mouth on mine and just stays like that for a second. While I melt.
- Ava will drop everything she's doing the second she hears music to dance. Even if she's in her highchair eating food.
- She likes having "conversations" with me. If she feels like I'm not listening well enough she grabs my arm and tilts her little head in front of my face and repeats what she said a little louder. Though I still have no idea what she said because it's all just babbling.
- Even though she does just babble she has the intonation and gestures down. A-freaking-dorable.
- She is the happiest girl in the world when I let her run around naked.
- She wants to be outside pretty much all day. Stupid weather.
- Ava is a momma's girl. And she doesn't like it when Dad tries to give me a break and takes over the routine on a Saturday morning so I can sleep in. Doesn't like it at all.

She is favorite. I love love LOVE being her momma. (Even now, she is down for the night after a long day and I kind of want to go grab her and snuggle her.)


  1. Awesome! Good luck with your move! Also, Ryan is on spring break this week and my kiddies would love to skype with Ava if you have your computer yet.... :)

  2. so exciting!! I'm glad good things are happening for you!