Sunday, August 14, 2011

On superpowers and triangle heads

It's no secret that upon having a kid a woman's multi-tasking abilities go from impressive to superhuman. I realized this after the first week of motherhood when I looked around at everything I had gotten done in 15 minutes while Ava snoozed and had to check myself for a heartbeat because AM I A ROBOT OR DID I REALLY JUST DO ALL THAT?!

Well lately, my superpower is a little on the fritz. Maybe it's all this home improving but I have short-term memory loss. I get halfway through a task, get distracted five or six times, and finally make my way back to the first task. Flittering around to different tasks has always been my modus operandi but it's never been this bad. I feel like I'm TAKING CRAZY PILLS. The end of the day comes and I have 12 half-done piles around the house. Except the dishes. The dishes always get done all the way.....because I have no dishwasher and not that many dishes.

I can't even concentrate on doing Ava's hair long enough to do it. So she walks around as triangle head all day.

(this picture doesn't even begin to do it justice)

Meanwhile, Danny is Mr. Superfocused and I am jealous of him muchly. Maybe, between the two of us, we can actually get a few things accomplished. To be fair though, that wood paneling was rough and probably no other room in our house will need 4 coats of paint and have that many crevices.

I think I just need to relax and channel my inner Reilly (because she is freakishly organized). Some homemade coconut almond chocolate chip ice cream and netflix ought to get my powers back in working order. Yeah, I'm pretty sure the ice cream alone could have mended Harry's wand.

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