Tuesday, August 9, 2011

DIY has commenced

So, here at casa de AWESOME, we are in full do-it-yourself (diy) mode. I'm painting the wood paneling in the back room. It's taking roughly 17 coats of primer of the oil-based kind and ALL of my patience. You know that point when you just want to be done and you don't care how crappy it looks? Trying to avoid that point has been SO HARD. But alas, I want our house to look nice. So i paint during nap time. Not favorite.

We have also started on the upstairs bathroom. This is what it looked like to begin with (I didn't get a really good shot because it's pretty much impossible to do in this teeny bathroom).

View from the stairs:.

Classy vanity and tub:

Flooring and wallpaper. Even the ceiling was wallpapered.

And the most annoying thing about this bathroom (and the entire house, actually): The door is kind of huge in relation to the size of the bathroom. You can't just walk into the bathroom and shut the door. You have to lean way back against the sink: 

or shove yourself against the toilet and lean back (there is also like no room for a traesh can (pronounced traysh) in there either) to close the door. Sooooo annoying. 
 Needless to say, this will have to be fixed before we think about having another babe. I can't imagine being large with child and bathing my other child in here. Or peeing, for that matter. I could just leave the door open but it's also in the way then. Gah. So, we're thinking pocket door. We'll see what we can actually do though. Any suggestions? I'm open to 'em.

Alas, the only redeeming thing about this bathroom? Tbhe faucet. Lurve it. Will keep it.

So far we've torn down the wallpaper to reveal a never-before-painted plaster wall and mold on the ceiling (awesome) and we've plastered over some holes. Next, we'll sand and paint. Then do the tile flooring and replace the vanity and sink.

It's really hard to fit the rest of my life into all the home improving going on here. Oh, and we got an estimate on replacing windows yesterday..... $18,000-20,000.


Yeah, right. Right?


  1. Can you put pocket doors in a plaster and lathe (sp?) house? Love the wallpaper. And get another estimate for the windows. Our's cost 8000 and we had 18 windows replaced (this was six years ago, so inflation and all, but still...).

  2. At Ikea, they have super skinny sinks, maybe the answer is to get a tiny sink that doesn't stick so far out from the wall.