Friday, September 23, 2011

We can do all the things!

Welp. It's pretty gross outside today and it's supposed to be that way allllll weekend loooooong. But that doesn't really matter because we'll just be working on the house! Yeah! More of that!

We refinished our floors last weekend while my fasha was here. We had a few technical difficulties (read: we've never done this before) though so the last coat of polyurethane will be going on tonight. I'm also finishing up a table that fasha and I built together during his visit (squee!). Tomorrow, Danny is working on the walls (because they could give a crack house a run for its money), I am working on the baseboards, sanding and repainting our old kitchen table and chairs, and deep cleaning the carpet in the family room (you know, the disgusting carpet.....the one we're tearing up in 2 months anyway.....that one), and Ava will be sharpening our knives.

How did we become such productive people? There is something about getting a huge project done (refinishing the floors) that gives you some serious umph to keep going. We're all, "yeah! we can do things! and we have proof now! we can do all the things!" and it feels goooooood.

Pictures of housey things to come. For now, on this chilly, rainy Friday, enjoy some sunshiney pictures from a couple of weeks ago. 

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  1. You CAN do all things! Way to go! Also, I love Ava's hair.