Friday, March 9, 2012


So my email account was hacked again last week and I decided that it was way past time to switch things over to gmail. Ya know, get with the times and all that.

It was a really annoying process because hotmail and gmail don't like to do business. I had to do everything manually and guys? It was so hard. So much clicking and forwarding. It was seriously such a trial. But I slogged through it and I was able to get the job done and I feel like it made me a better person.

In this whole process I discovered that most of the old emails were from my best friend while she was on her mission in Croatia (there's no point in trying to hide the fact that we are sinners). Anyhoodle, I ran across this absolute gem that had me laughing pretty hard.

She wrote this to me before I left for a trip to China that would include a visit to Hong Kong. Since her parents and younger brother lived in Hong Kong we planned to visit them while we were there. Lauren, the Bonny to my Clyde, wanted to make sure that my visit with her parents was a productive one. She sent me the following email:

"oh yeah. and you have one major mission i need you to fulfill. and it is the following. when you're with my family, teach michael to say "zinngggg!" everytime my dad is insulted! whether mike does the insulting, or someone else, i just want to hear the zing! i'm trying to teach him annoying habits from far far away, just to keep my presence known in the household. thanks! also, i think the best way to teach these things is by example. from you and shannon both would probably be most effective :) k love ya!"

Let's just say that the mission was extremely successful but they all knew that it was Lauren's bidding I was doing. To this day, Mike still thanks Lauren or me for teaching him to zing. 


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  1. Haha I wondered what we were going to learn about zinc :)