Monday, April 16, 2012

the babes

So here's a list of current cute Ava things so that I can say that I remember her childhood:
- Ava always reminds us to pray. Always.
- She potty trained herself some weeks ago. When she has to go potty she just starts stripping off her clothes and saying "yucky yucky" - doesn't matter if we're at home or Ace Hardware. I think it's hilarious but I have to be all serious and remind her about modesty or something, right? Whatevs.
- If I ask her to do something she really doesn't want to do she sigh-growls (just like a teenager), slumps her shoulders, and does the absolute minimum of what I asked..........really.
- She still has the cutest blond curls.
- Potty training has suddenly brought on an independent streak so now she wants to do everything herself. She's all, "I can make these scrambled eggs completely by myself, mom. Now hand my the spatula and get out of here."
- Her toilet mounting form is awesome.
- Everything can be categorized as a "mommy" or a "baby". Mostly it's just how she differentiates between big and small but she tells me I'm wrong every time I point this out to her.
- Hand her your iphone - she totally knows how to work it and how to find her favorite apps.
- She's still a big fan of the group hug and can frequently be caught singing at the top of her lungs and dancing around.

Last night, after we put her to bed, Danny went into the kitchen and happened to notice that she had knocked a half-full gallon of paint over onto our wood floor. So glad we discovered that last night and not in the morning because I probably would have sobbed or broke things. She always keeps life interesting, even when she's asleep.

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  1. Holland had the same classifications for people when she was younger: mommy, daddy, baby, etc. Then one day we were walking into CVS and passed a college-aged girl on the way out. Holland said, "Look, Mommy, a babysitter!" Makes perfect sense.