Wednesday, April 4, 2012


Shannon came to visit for her spring break last week. It's always amazing when Shannon is here - it's like having a cuter, awesomer, more efficient clone of me running around doing good deeds and saying witty things. I came downstairs after showering (by myself!) one morning and my entire 1st floor was clean. And then we spent the day giggling and eating too much chocolate. Naturally, her visit included a trip to the beach. I have the best sister ever.

Ava was in heaven alllll week.

Notice the cute little underwear? No more diapers for this girl...although I kind of miss the saggy diaper bum.

Practicing her letters, "o" "o" "a" "e" and "o".

"Ava, can you smile for mommy?"

This summer is going to be magical.
The only bad thing about a Shannon visit is the Shannon-hangover we all have afterward.

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  1. beautiful pictures! And you guys are beautiful!