Wednesday, July 21, 2010

The Great Makeup Purge of 2010

I don't think it's any secret that women collect so. much. makeup. Way more makeup than is necessary on a daily basis. It's weird because the majority of the makeup I own is not stuff I would ever actually wear out of the house. I have my go-to colors and products I use daily, the occasional saucy shade of eyeshadow for a night out, and a whole lotta other junk that I either collect and never throw away and feel the need to save or mostly used eyeshadows from clinique.

Well, in my effort to purge and pack, I have decided it is time for the unused and almost-as-old-as-me makeup to go. Surprisingly, there were some items of sentimental value or that just had fun memories attached to them. Indulge me.

Ahhhhh the lip stuff I wore to senior prom. I call it lip stuff because I really don't think you could call it gloss or lipstick. It was more of a stickgloss.

This is glitter. I wore this for halloweens and events that may or may not have had to do with some books about alleged vampires. I don't want to talk about it anymore. I am actually going to keep this though. You never know when a stay-at-home mom might need her face glitter.

I CANNOT believe I still have this eyeshadow. This is the eyeshadow I picked out solely to go with my bridesmaid dress for Dustin and Rebecca's wedding. Sooooo matchy-matchy. It's a mint green.

The eyeliner I wore to freshman year winter dance. If I had a time machine I would go back to tell myself that NO ONE WEARS EYELINER THAT MATCHES THEIR DRESS. Again with the matchy-matchy! Eyeshadow is forgivable. Eyeliner makes me cringe.

Probably my most sentimental items of makeup (I'm so weird). The blush and lipstick came in a Clinique bonus bag and I used them for stage makeup. They were the perfect shade for me (the lipstick is darker than the picture. Trust me). Many songs did I sing and lines did I deliver wearing this stuff. Oh well. *Throws in trash bag*

Well this is lotion. Not makeup. But this is a sample I received in my gift basket when I was a princess for Holiday at Home (a local pageant/scholarship program). I actually hate how it smells. Hate. It. But the smell does remind me of all the fun I had being a princess.

This is some lipstick that also came in the gift basket. It's a hilarious color and I decided to put it on. I. Look. Awesome in my scrubby clothes, unshowered, with no makeup except this amazing shade. Eh. I'll keep it.


Now stop posting blogs and get back to packing. I swear you have ADD sometimes.

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  1. I love that you did this. I've totally had sentimental make-up purges. Knocking around somewhere at home is a chapstick I've kept every time I've come across it, because it smells like 7th grade drama class.