Tuesday, July 13, 2010

I was mistaken

Before the thought of getting a sewing machine even crossed my mind I should have invested in a seam ripper. What was I thinking? I know me. It takes me for-ev-er to catch on to things. Well, taking an eternity to catch on to sewing? Means a lot of seam unpicking to do. A lot. BUT NO! A new sewing machine! says I. I'm naturally maternal and have become seriously domestic and sewing should come soooooo naturallllllyyyyy! Butterflies and unicorns and fairies and gumdrops! I'll just whip up an outfit fit for Project Runway! Weeeeeee!! says I.

I could not have been more. wrong.

Knowing I usually get too ambitious when I start somthing, end up not being able to do it, and then hate whatever it was that I started, I got the easiest pattern I could. It even said "EASY" on it. It's just a little sundress for Ava, how hard could it be? Right? RIGHT????????

Many unsaid curses and a month later I'm still not done. Side-rant: I am an intelligent human being and should therefore understand how to read a pattern and the instructions enclosed therein. However, I do not. It takes much examination of pictures and pep talks to figure things out. This also makes me angrier than I can say. Muchly. End side-rant. Anyway, I really buckled down today, hoping to finish.

I have now unpicked the same seam three times and I can truly say I hate bias strips.

I don't even want to talk about it anymore.

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  1. Sigh... ditto. I own two seam rippers. Plus, bias stripes and easy are not compatible. Come here... we can yell at the pattern instructions together and then do it a different way...