Thursday, June 30, 2011

A Downstairs tour

A tour of my downstairs. Upstairs is only half unpacked (read: things are strewn everywhere and Ava messes from 13 days ago still linger) so you don't get to see it yet. But here's the main floor!

When you walk in the house and look to the right, this is what you see. A foyer of sorts?

The door on the left side of the hall leads to the kitchen - which hasn't been updated since probably the 60s or 70s.

Yummy linoleum.

And here it is. (You can see into the dining room and family room from the doorway.)

Wallpaper detail. Aloha.

And this. This is the door for the milkman. You put your jars in on your side and the milkman can pick them up and give you fresh milk on the other. From the outside of the house. You know, if we still did that kind of thing. Quaint? Yes. Do I want to get rid of it? You bet. Various X-File characters could fit through that door, easily and a lot of energy is probably lost through that door in the winter/summer. I'm mostly worried about the winter. And the X-File Monsters.

Right in front of the front door you have the staircase:

If you turn to the left from the front door you have the living room:
Don't mind the random objects strewn everywhere.

Looking into the foyer from the living room.

Looking into the dining room from the other side of the living room.

The dining room: (there is a door on the immediate right you cannot see that leads to the place where children and grown adults alike race up the stairs in terror at what is lurking behind them basement.)

Looking into the family room from the dining room. An addition from the 70s. Word.

Turn left to go out the back door.

Retro bathroom. Is that.....a shutter used as a cabinet door? I would venture that they were trying to save money...but I don't think they were.

Be jealous of this fixture

And this vinyl flooring.

Needless to say we have a lot of updating to do. A LOT. It's going to take a while but we will get there. But you know what? It's OUR HOUSE so I love it and I know all the work we're going to do will just make me love it more. Le sigh. Le content.


  1. Loved the tour! The arch doorways are beautiful. There is so much potential in this house!

  2. I think your house is darling. I love the old kitchen and wood paneled walls--that kind of stuff is back in! Although pineapple wallpaper will never be okay. Congrats on your house, you're gonna have so much fun making it your own!

  3. oh and im coveting your painted brick fireplace!