Wednesday, June 22, 2011

We jumped off the cliff and became grownups.

It's been long enough that I should probably update this here blog. So I will. Even though I only have like 3 brain cells left for today and I need at least 2 to get ready for bed. You're welcome.

Weeeee mooooooved. Again. For the third time in 10 months. BUT we are finally putting down roots. We bought a house (!) and Danny loves his job and we love St. Joseph, MI and it feels goooood, my leedle friens. I feel like I can breathe deeply again. It is weird to have our own house and exceedingly AWESOME. I'll give you a tour soon. But don't get too excited. House needs work.

The community is so cute and our neighbors have been very welcoming and friendly, even offering the use of their yard tools and clothes lines. Our ward is fab and also very welcoming. We have done so much with ward members already and we haven't even been here a week! I will just take a sec to rub in the fact that we have playgroup every Tuesday at the beach. You have some jealous on your face.....other side.....a little to the left....there. You got it. Anyway, I just love this place. It's been a hard, long road getting here but we made it and we couldn't be more excited about it.

Even though we ARE in enemy territory now.

Sleep well my little cabbage patch dolls. After an afternoon/evening working on the yard, I know I will.


  1. I'm so stoked for you guys! Sometimes I secretly fantasize about buying a house and all the cute little things I'll do to it...anywho yay for you! Hopefully in less than a year we will be home owners as well!

  2. That sounds more than kind of amazing, and I have more than a little jeal all over my face, thanks. A beach! Tiffany, you really have arrived. Also I just looked over at your about me and it's great.

    OH and tomorrow we're actually driving up to Venture City, Michigan for the weekend -- oh wait no Chris is saying that because we have less time than we thought we should go to Holland, instead? ANYway I don't know where you are or where we'll be, but maybe it's somewhere around those places.

  3. Glad you are settling in so well. Come on...don't you miss us Indiana folk just a little bit? Maybe lie to us to make us feel better about ourselves :P