Thursday, June 7, 2012

Tile and Carpet - the stuff DREAMS ARE MADE OF

Can we talk about how excited I am getting? Good. In the next week this will all be tiled:

And this home decor abomination will have awesome carpet on top of it. Gray, patterned carpet. (Also, side rant: NOTHING good happened in the 60s and 70s in home decor and design. If HGTV had been around then, it would have been thuper lame. Just. I mean, how was this ever a good idea?)

We are coming up on a year of owning this house. We have made a lot of progress but nothing is quite "finished" yet, which isn't a source of frustration and doesn't cause DIY lethargy AT ALLLL (psh, it is TOTALLY a source of frustration and DEFINITELY causes DIY lethargy. And DIY lethargy is like, totally hard to overcome). BUT. We are doing our best. You can only spend so many weekends of home improving in a row before you start to not care about the outcome - and not caring is dangerous because then you enter Craptasticland. Craptasticland is a sorrowful place filled with wasted money and marital arguments. It is hard to feel real happiness there and I would advise that the best way to stay away from that forsaken place is to do nothing. All weekend. Just read books and watch movies and play at the beach and sleep and eat. Oh, you don't have a beach? (sucker) Theeeeeen go to the park, I guess. Heh heh heh. Another way to stay out of Craptasticland is to take 2 months to finish a project that could be done in a week, which is what we're doing right now. But once that tiling is down two men will come and install our carpet for us. AND IT WILL BE GLORIOUS. I keep thinking about the process and it makes me kind of giddy: two men will enter our ugly back room and a little while later they will leave the backroom and it will look 10,000 times better and I won't have to lift a finger. Sigh. What are you guys DIYing right now? And how gross, on a scale of 1 to 10, is that singular, cheese covered macaroni on my disgustingly dirty and unattractive floor next to my feet?? A 10, non? YOU'RE WELCOME!


  1. We have named the person who lived here before us "Guido Sanchez". Guido Sanchez was the INVENTOR of craptasticland. He is SO awesome. To himself, that is.