Friday, June 15, 2012

When life gives you lemons, make pie

We were supposed to have our carpet installed two days ago but I am still staring at gross, green tile every time I look in my back room. To keep my rage and sadness at bay, I decided to embrace all things happy today. So I bought Ava a little backyard pool and some gummy worms. Best $10.99 I ever spent. Who needs a nap when you have a pool, or lunch when you have gummy worms, says she as she squeals with excitement. And she has only taken off her "soups" (swimming suit) once today. I think my neighbors are used to her indecent exposures by now though. So? Blow up pools and gummy worms. Keepin' me happy.


This movie coming out soon (because I am I huuuuuuuuge nerd)

This post about modesty. I agree with 99% of it:

The fact that my eustachian tubes seem to fiiiiinally be draining - my hearing is at 75% (which is better than the 25% it was at a week ago):
Consequently, the meds that are helping my ears get better also cause drowsiness. If a drug says it may cause drowsiness, it will definitely make me drowsy but I haven't been able to give into the drug monster this week because of the furious back-room-tile-laying-in-time-for-the-carpet-installation extravaganza. But today? Today I will nap.

 Annnnd finally, Father's Day is on Sunday. So I get to hear my little Primary kids sing in Sacrament meeting and celebrate my sweet husband with a delicious dinner of Thai Chicken and yummy yummy yummy lemon pie for dessert.

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  1. Now you have me curious about the 1% you DON'T agree with ;-)