Saturday, February 2, 2013

Jungle Party

Ava turned 3 last week and she asked for a birthday party. I was pretty scared at first. She wanted to invite everyone she'd ever met and have a jungle cake. She decided only 6 friends was okay but she wouldn't budge on the jungle cake. She's a tough negotiator. 

It ended up being a good time. I made the dining room look like a jungle:

And got a lady in the ward to help me with the cake:

I planned out all the games and activities but they ended up taking 20 minutes less than I thought they would. That always happens, doesn't it? The kids didn't care though because, BALLOONS!

After pizza, it was cake time! The birthday girl was too shy to blow out the candles:

So I did it for her: 

Like I said, it was a good time and even the jungle trees were edible (candy clay):

I just had to put this shot in here because it may be the only time I ever get a shot of my husband crafting. What a guy.

Happy 3 years, Ava!


  1. Super Fun!!!! You rocked that party Tiffany! Also, is that a new wall? Fancy.

  2. Yeah...I'm thinking we might do a birthday-party-every-other-year kind of thing going forward. I painted wall a few months ago when i painted the kitchen cupboards (that are not holding up).

  3. We decided along time ago to only tackle big parties every other year (even birthdays) and then realized that all of the children have even birthdays in the same year... hence the new policy of willy-nilly-whenever-I-feel-like parties.