Wednesday, February 27, 2013

The time has come

So Ava and I were at the doctor's office this week. We were sitting there talking to the nurse when she just pipes in and says, "my dad leaves his hair in the tub." I tried to make the awkward moment a little better by saying that he shaves his face in the shower and we cleaned it out and it's okay but she just shook her head lightly and said, "he's a gross man."

The nurse and I were dying. I guess we've gotten to that age when nothing is a secret and our dirty laundry will be aired at inappropriate times to inappropriate people. Yaaaaaay.....


  1. and you don't even know what she's telling them in nursery.

  2. Haha. Can't stop laughing. She's so cute!

  3. When Will was three he accidentally walked in on one of our 'intimate' moments. He then went around telling anyone who would listen that Mommy and Daddy sometimes did naked hugs. Three year olds have no filter whatsoever.