Monday, February 4, 2013


So after training for and running that 5K back in November (wait, did I blog about that? I don't think I did....) I've been trying to keep my running up. Because I feel soooooo good when I run. Since I am not a natural runner and I do not think it is the best thing evar! while I'm doing it, I have to make sure that I have music pumping in my ears and anywhere but a treadmill to run.

Running anything beyond 50 feet on a treadmill is kind of torture for me and it's kind of really cold and it has been snowing for 5 days outside. Thankfully, the local high school has the field house track open 4 nights a week for people to go run so I don't have to run in the snow (which would actually be hilarious, now that I think about it).

Running on the track is great. I have a little system with my fingers to help me keep count of how many laps I've completed. Also, I'm surrounded by runners and walkers whose endorphins are pumping through their veins which means they are super nice and very apt to smile. It's funny, even though there's a runner who has passed me like 3 times and is on lap gajillion, I never feel self-conscious or silly like I do ev-er-y time I'm at a gym on an elliptical. I gotta say though, my favorite part about running on the track is that the whole time you're there, you see the backs of everyone's heads. I sub-consciously create an image, in my mind, of what their faces MUST look like. Lap after lap, that image gets more ingrained in my brain until, by the end of my run, I am sure I know what their faces look like. I cool down, stretch, drink a bunch of water, and get all bundled up to leave. I step out onto the track, walking the opposite way as everyone on the track, and walk to the stairs. It's at this point that I make eye contact with pretty much everyone I stared at from behind for 2 miles and it blows. my. mind. No one looks anything like I imagined them looking and it is hilariously entertaining for me.

So.....right now. That's my favorite part about running. People's faces. I am so weird.


  1. love this! and it's totally not weird, i think that is a great game to play. when i lift weights sometimes i like to create back stories for other people on the weight floor, and they are detailed and dramatic and wonderful and when i do have conversations with those people i have to remember their back story i made up is probably not accurate so don't ask them about their one legged life partner with a lisp battling cancer.

  2. HA, you are awesome. I would love to learn your counting method, because I can never keep the laps straight, even when I switch directions every mile. I just run for a set amount of time so I don't have to worry about counting. Because math is hard for me. Way to RUN!