Sunday, October 10, 2010

Because you can't really get enough Darcy, can you?

Listen. I am not one of those Jane Austen lovers who has read all the spin-offs. I read one by Shannon Hale called Austenland that was pretty decent (in a please-pass-the-ghirardelli, guilty pleasure sort of way) but once you read one, haven't you read them all? I don't see how these spin-off novels can wind up being anything but paltry and predictable. I eye them suspiciously.

Fast forward to today.

We got Netflix this week and for two people who have watched only what we can capture via antenna on our tv since we got married?? Netflix is like Christmas. Danny pointed out today, and I think he's right, that I probably like having all the options of things to watch more than I actually like watching them. Nevertheless, I happened upon a Jane Austen spin-off MOVIE and I thought I'd give it a try, if only because it was put out by the BBC. Turns out it was fabulous. There were still some cheesy parts, but it was so fun to see *spoiler alert* Bingley as a drunk, Mr. Collins married to Jane, Georgiana as a wicked girl, and Wickham as a very noble man indeed. Not to mention the way the movie looked at these often-dreamt-about characters as simple humans instead of characters.

Lost in Austen

Watch it.


  1. I had contractions through that entire movie. And thought I was about to go into labor. Then I didn't for 3 more weeks. LAME. Sorry, that kinda tainted the movie for me. But had that not happened, I think I would have enjoyed it.

    By the way, your family pictures are ADORABLE.

  2. Haha!! That would totally taint the movie for me too!

  3. Dearest Tiffany,
    Your blog is amazingly hilarious! I watched this movie with my mom over the summer and loved it... it was so long though!!
    I agree with your friend above: adorable photos. I die everytime you come up on my facebook because your family is SO BEAUTIFUL.

  4. Love love love. I watched it like 4 times in 2 weeks. Can't get enough of that kiss at the end. Sigh.

  5. Thanks, Em! I think my babes is adorable as well. But I'm biased.

  6. Not to mention the thousands of Collins' available to wed all of the Bennett girls! That scene made me laugh out loud, a lot of the movie made me laugh out loud. My mom is really into the spin-offs both literature and televised, she showed it to me sometime during this last pregnancy and we laughed ourselves silly!