Monday, October 25, 2010

I am not a super-fan.

For so many reasons, I do not enjoy moving. Mostly. All the pros I used to see in the situation are pretty much nonexistent.

But you get to meet new people! Yes. You do. I like new people. But it's really hard to get to know said people when you live 20-30 minutes from them and baby-care relief, in the form of a husband, doesn't come until 8:30 every night. Girls night out during the week with new friends? Not an option for me. Weekends? Not to be rude, but I want to actually spend time with the husband I hardly see and baby doing something FUN (gasp!). Generally that nixes the girls nights out on the weekends too. Also, I like my old friends and people have a hard time getting used to me. I'm too loud. Or laughy. Or something.

But you get to know a new area!! Yeah. And spend 90% of the time lost for the first month (all hail the GPS!). Not to mention that you have to find your new favorite hole-in-the-wall eatery, new shortcuts, a new mechanic and new doctors. I loved my old doctors. LOVED.

(SIDEBAR RANT: IF you think that being a doctor is for you? A couple of hints: 1)ACTUALLY brush your hair in the morning. You don't want your patients' mothers to be able to tell the exact angle your head was lying on your pillow all night. Weird. 2) DO NOT waltz into the examination room and TELL a mother that their baby is getting a flu shot. You ASK if they want one for their baby. This mother will tell you no. They are stupid. Annnnnd 3) freaking lose some weight. I know that sounds harsh. I don't mind if you're a little chubby or you have a little belly but don't be morbidly obese and expect me to feel like you're that in tune with and well-versed on taking care of the human body. JUST A FEW TIPS. End of sidebar rant.)

But you get to experience something different! Yeeeeaaahhh..... moving from Indianapolis, IN to Hobart, IN? It's still Indiana. Only slightly more grating. Less with the Colts and more with da Bears. Also, a long "a" polluting every vowel sound. Oh. And people aren't warm and fuzzy here. At all. They're warm and fuzzy in Indy. And did I mention that I have to drive through Gary too often? It really does look like that.

I can't really think of anymore pros to moving. The only future pro I see is moving into my OWN HOME someday and that won't be happening for a while. For now, I will be moving again at the end of this week. I should probably be packing now.

I think I have all the ranting out of my soul. Maybe. Sorry, friends. Kind of. Maybe I'll post some pictures of a sassy baby I know dancing to make up for it.


  1. Why was I not subscribed to your blog yet?!! BAD, BAD. Tiff, this post makes me sad. I'm sorry your move hasn't been all rainbows and unicorns. But, I love you and I KNOW things will get better for you. (((((HUGS)))))

    P.S. Your badge rocks. Have you considered counseling?? Look up LDS Family Services in your area. Mine has literally been a God-send.

  2. not too loud, not too laughy. in my book, there is (almost) nothing worse than LACK of personality. if it helps, the one thing I like about moving is getting to purge, organize, and feel like my stuff is cleaner than before. maybe that will bring you a small bit o' happiness as well? good luck!