Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Huh. They really do grow up super fast.

So. Ava turned 9 months old on Sunday and she. is. totally. walking.

I don't have any really good footage of her doing it yet. This is because she cannot concentrate on anything but the huge black thing in front of my face when I get the camera out. Hopefully I will sneakily get some footage this weekend. Maybe.

She's been taking one and two steps for about a week and a half now but I don't really call that "walking". However, I looked up from my laptop this afternoon to see her walking in the middle of the living room like it was no big deal, she does it all the time mom, duh. But I couldn't help freaking out a little. It scared her but whatevs. It was totally exciting.

I need to remember that moment for future reference when I curse the day she learned to roll over.

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  1. Hey!!! Kiss Ava for me--walking just like she's been doing it for months! What a girl. . .and, she's already getting her groove on with music! Congrats on the Thanksgiving/Gratitude season prep--you have inspired me! And, best wishes in the new neighborhood. . .bet they'll love you guys! Hugs and kisses to all--miss you! XOXO Grandma A.