Thursday, March 3, 2011

P.S. I'm using my resources

I get urges to write people little notes a lot. I like people to know that I'm thinking about them and that I love them. Annnnnd I like that they'll have something in their mailbox besides junkmail and bills. However, I don't act on these urges as much as I would like. I just never have cute cards (or ugly cards, for that matter) handy. So. I decided to make my own, with a couple stipulations: 1) they needed to be inexpensive, 2) they needed to be easy and quick to make, and 3) they needed to look nice.

So. I bought 20 blank cards and envelopes (regularly $6.99 from Hobby Lobby but I used a 40% coupon(always check online for a coupon before going to a craft store)). I gathered some random could-be-used-as-a-stencil/stamp type things from around the house and busted out some acrylic and spray paints from past projects. I ended up with 3 different kinds of cards and I think they turned out nicely.

We have a lot of boxes from moving that won't hold up for another move. So I cut off some cardboard and made some stamps - one that I rolled up to look like a flower and one I taped together to look like a leaf. I brushed on some acrylic paints and stamped away.

card #2
I have a pair of earrings that I love but don't wear anymore because one of them got bent. I clipped off the earring part.

And decided they would make a fun stencil for some spray paint. I love spray painting. Actually.

card #3
I had to cut off some of the mat that goes under our rug in the living room because it kept poking out and getting on my nerves. Thought it would make a cool design. I was right.

I think they turned out pretty nice. Inexpensive and quick. Gets the creative juices flowing.