Saturday, March 26, 2011

A slightly handmade wedding

I love to make things. See, when I don't have an outlet for my creativity through music, I HAVE TO LET IT OUT SOOOOOMEWHERE. So? I make things. And I love making things for specific people because I get to think about how cool they are and how happy I am to know them as I go.

Danny's sister, April, got married last week (awww shmoops have been married for a WHOLE WEEK today). After the initial excitement settled in when she told us she was getting married, I realized that I had an awesome reason to make some super girly stuff. Heh. So. Here's what I made:

Some headbands for the Sadie and Makenna:

A fancy dress and jacket for Ava:

Some earrings (pour moi)(I also made a headband for me but I'm too lazy to go take a picture of it):

And a wedding present:

I thought that all this creating would satiate me. But it hasn't. Stay tuned for more cute things.


  1. holy cow you're creative. and talented. and a good mom. how doooooooo you do it? everything is just darling and i'm a little more inspired to finish some of my projects now.

  2. Ava's dress is ADORABLE. Go Tiff. Also, I need to see you soon.

  3. Oooooh Jana. I'm mostly just a copycat and it pretty much took me months to do all that stuff but I'm glad I inspired you! Hahaha.

    Whit - LET'S DO IT!