Saturday, June 19, 2010

On becoming a grown-up. Kind of.

So Danny and I went on our first house hunting expedition today. It was exciting and surreal and made me totally feel like a real adult (because having a baby? did not). It is kind of frustrating because I have all these ideas of things that I like and this is just a starter home so it doesn't need to have all those things. It's hard to push all that stuff out of my mind though. We saw a couple of really nice, cute houses today. I just wish I could take all of the things a liked about each of them and combine them into one perfect little starter home.

We did finally find a rental to live in while Danny starts his job but before we buy a house, which is a huge weight off my shoulders (shout out to my realtor).

Now I just need to start packing up this apartment..... Thankfully leedle seester is coming this week and I WILL MAKE HER MY PACKING/PAINTING/WATCHING AVA SLAVE. And then I will take her to see Eclipse and she will still think I am the best sister ever. She's so easy to please. Sometimes.

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