Thursday, June 10, 2010

My baby is a wuss

So today Ava and I went to the Zoo with some of our friends. I didn't really expect that she would know what was going on or get excited about anything but I also didn't think it would be a scary experience for her. Poor girl. We started with the fish. I don't know if it was the darkness or the noise of all the kids on summer break or the big scary stingrays but she started crying. Like the pouty, mommy-hold-me cry. So heartbreaking. So we left the fish and went to see the zebras and tigers and elephants.

I think she fell asleep somewhere around the giraffes. She was unimpressed.

She woke up just as we were headed to the butterfly garden on our way out. Let me just say that it was a magical place and that I will have my own enclosed butterfly garden/greenhouse one day.

Well one of the butterflies thought that Ava's foot looked like a perfect place to land. I don't blame mr. butterfly, she IS irresistible.

At first she didn't really notice. She was cool.

But then mr. butterfly tried to crawl in between her toes. Annnnnnnnd now I'm pretty sure she's scarred for life.

So my baby hates animals.... I'mmmmm kind of hoping it stays that way because I'm not a big fan of them either.


  1. Haha but someday she'll have that perfect picture of her looking like a fairy baby with a butterfly friend, and you can just sweep the freak-out under the rug. Or don't, because that face is amazing.

    P.S. I love how you write like you talk, with the annnnnnnnd and the i'mmmmmmmm. Total Tiffany.

  2. Give her a few months--she'll be chasing the butterflies and learning the finer points of digging up worms from her girlie cousins!