Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Singing along to la radio just isn't cutting it

As many of you know, I love music. I grew up singing in choirs and playing in concert bands and had a pretty amazing experience with music in high school. I took a break after high school, got mono, and then realized that my life was super sad without music. Sure, I listened to music, but that doesn't even begin to touch the experience of performing high quality music with really good musicians (that's what I mean when I say "music")(I'm trying to see how many times I can use a variation of the word 'music' in one paragraph). So I auditioned for and joined the BYU Concert Choir (I also got to rehearse several times with the BYU Singers which was a delicious treat). That just reiterated to me that my life without music is like a squid with no ocean. Well I got married and had a baby and while Heavenly Father has blessed me with opportunities to make music since then, I miss the feeling of rehearsing regularly and pounding out notes and working on my technique between rehearsals.

So! I have decided that I am going to get my voice back into shape. The larynx, after all, is a muscle and when muscles aren't worked they get flabby. I have a flabby larynx. And that is possibly the only bit of really annoying flab on my body that I can't blame on Ava. Once my voice is back up to par I am going to audition for a choir. A good one. We'll be living so close to Chicago so I don't think finding a good choir will be a problem.

I'm really excited about this. I need it. And my voice has changed enough since last time I was in a singing groove that it'll be like getting to know my voice all over again. I'll have some serious diaphragmatic breathing to relearn and lots of resonance to adjust that I didn't have before. Did that last sentence sound like nonsense to you? Yeah, I'll probably just stop there before I start using words like pointy and tinny to describe vocal music and you really think I'm crazy.

Just know that I've got plans and I'm excited about them.


  1. I think that's great! (and I hear ya on the flab...) I deffffinitely think that one needs to put time into other things besides just the SUPER ADORABLE babies we are blessed with. otherwise, i, at least, will go insane. and be sad. at the same time. anyway, i think your idea is super and we will come see you perform. :)

  2. awesome! go for it! i have had some similar thoughts myself....

  3. So, I totally know how you feel. My singing consists of children's songs, although I do love singing along with musicals and since Matt got me Joseph and the Technicolor Dreamcoat I'm aspiring to sing like the narratror. What I'm trying to say is-- GO FOR IT. You'll be wonderful and fill that hole that singing left.