Saturday, January 15, 2011 want me fluff pillow?

1 - I know most of you don't care but I'm just going to update my flickr photostream with pictures of this year. So. Instead of me posting my "pictures of the day" every few days, I'll just point you toward the link underneath my profile. K? K.

2 - I'm only going to post crafts and recipes I think everyone will enjoy.

Just some items to keep the blog a fun place to be. I don't want to become one of those mommy bloggers who even if it really isn't that interesting. I feel like that's kiiiind of what I've been doing this month. So no more. My apologies.



  1. A lot of people blog about everything because they turn their blog into a family record. Not trying to be mean, just sayin'.

  2. I am talking about bloggers who blog about stuff "even if it really isn't that interesting". I don't consider fun family events/cute kiddie happenings uninteresting.