Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Pictures with a sidebar rant.....because I aim to please

1/10/11 - where did she even get chocolate???

(Sidebar rant: I understand that living life in sweatpants is a little bit too lazy. However, I see no problem with living that way 2-3 days a week. By the time I see my husband every night I'm in my pjs anyway so don't glare-judge me when you see me "dressed down" at the grocery. They're not even "sweats" really, they're nice clothes - comfy and cute that are specifically not frumpy - and I'm wearing makeup and my hair is done. And I'm glad I wasn't wearing real clothes when Ava did this. End of rant.

1/11/11 - bathtime

1/12/11 - after the snow storm

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  1. I'm totally with you on the sweats. I change from pjs to nice sweats and i washed my face (teeth brushed is debatable) - it totally totally counts as getting ready for the day :)