Monday, January 10, 2011


Now that it's pretty much fixed the healing has begun and I can talk about it.

So remember when you were like 13-15ish and you really wanted to dye your hair? Either your parents let you or you waited until they weren't around and just did it. WELL. I never really did this (well, one time my mom tried to dye my hair blue but it didn't really work so that doesn't count). SO. As an adult I felt the need to DYE MY OWN HAIR even though I've always been very anti-this idea.

I picked a nice shade of auburn red and I liked the outcome.

And then it started to fade. And my husband wanted to take me on a hot date to celebrate our third anniversary. And I wanted to look real cute for him. So I decided to do a touch-up. WORSTIDEAEVERNEVERDOTHISPEOPLE. I ended up with freaking red RED RED hair. Actually, it was mostly red red and a little purple red and some auburn red. It was premium level of ridiculous and of course I decided this was a good idea to do on Saturday afternoon, 3 hours before our date.

Looked a lot like that one girl from American Idol.... Allison Irahetaa;sdlfknasdf:

So I ran to the drugstore and got some "color oops", against my better judgement. NEVER GET COLOR OOPS. IT WILL MAKE YOUR "OOPS" INTO AN EXPLETIVE. I applied it and waited. and waited and waited and was scared my hair might fall out so I washed it off and ended up with red red around my hairline, BRIGHT ORANGE throughout most of my hair, and patches of strawberry blond. It. Was. Horrible.

Hard to tell with the lighting, but you get the idea:

A blurry cell phone image, but you can see the uber red around my hairline if you squint. SQUINT!

(I am sorry. I know this is a frighteningly HUGE picture of a really gross facial expression but I cannot get the resizing to stick so this is what you get. It's funny 'cuz I told you to squint. See how that's funny? See what I did there?)

There was no way I was going out in public like that and there was no way I was missing my date. So? Head scarf! I had a beautiful scarf my best friend brought me back from Croatia so I decided to rock the scarf.

The following is a reenactment:

Everyone was really nice to me at the restaurant. And by nice I mean they didn't judge the amount of red meat Danny and I consumed (Brazilian BBQ). Probably because they thought I was a cancer patient.

I also wore the scarf to church the next day. Thankfully, the babe did not feel the need to pull it off my head.

So then this morning a friend, who is a professional, took pity on me and fixed it. Thank GOODNESS. It still has some tiny patches of orange and a little hint of strawberry blond and it's uber fried now but it is so. much. improved.

Lessons learned:
1) NEVER embrace your inner-teenager. It can only end in tears. Or embarrassment. Or both.
2) ALWAYS get a professional to dye your hair.
3) If you still feel the need to do it yourself, do it on a Tuesday. When nothing else is going on.
4) Have awesome friends, like me.


(Observation: why the HECK has that frown become my go-to facial expression?! I blame Lauren Hillam. Lauren Wittwer. As it were. (hahahahahahaha, see what I did that time?))


  1. What kind of camera do you have again? I think I want one! :D

  2. I have a Cannon PowerShot SX10IS. You can't change the lenses on it but you don't need to be messing with lenses until you actually know how to work a camera. It can do almost everything an DSLR can for a fraction of the cost - it's the perfect starter camera.

  3. I wish you'd rocked the orangey hair for the night, or the red red. It looks kind of awesome. But you still look gorgeous as a cancer patient. Even with that ridiculous frown. It's like a cartoon frown, my mouth won't even do that! I just tried it to check, and nope. Still a straight line.

    Call me if the home dye urge ever strikes again and I will gently talk you down. Although you're probably safe.

  4. i dye my own hair every three weeks. I LOVE MY INNER TEENAGER AND SHE LOVES ME.

    if i were there, i would have talked you into keeping the red red AND YOU WOULD HAVE LOVED IT. you need more friends like me, methinks.

    no offense, other chicks. slash maybe guys. i don't judge.

  5. hahahahaha!!! i love love LOVE that my croatian scarf was there for you in your time of need! :) how coooome.... how come you're my favorite? oh my gosh i can't get over that. so funny. so much love for you right now. also, can't wait for our phone date tomorrow at 2:30. woot!

  6. OH MY GOSH ok the head scarf with the pirhana face is TOO MUCH. baaahahahaha. ok and also it's 3 am so that might have something to do with why this is so hilarious to me right now.