Sunday, February 27, 2011

I'll take some Sherry.......Dew

I visited my parents' a couple weeks ago and my mom lent me a collection of Sherry Dew talks to listen to on my four hour drive home. It was one of my favorite car rides ever.

Sherry Dew (it feels weird to call her Sherry or Sister Dew for some reason) is an amazing speaker with insights that are so refreshing and thought-provoking. I didn't listen to all 10 CDs on the way home, as there wasn't enough time for that, but I have been listening to them here and there in 20 minute intervals. I finished them yesterday and got really sad. I picked up a lot from her words but there was one thing she talked about that really stuck with me: how would my life be different if I thought of it as a ministry? She pointed out that she didn't necessarily think that we would need to do more, we would just need to do some things differently.

I love the idea that I am an eternal being and this life of mine is my ministry.
It's going to take a while to figure out exactly what that means to me, but I know that it doesn't mean being short of patience and love. It doesn't mean slogging through my days, forgetting that I am doing the most important job in the world by being a mother. It certainly doesn't mean filling my time with to-do lists that don't matter.

I have a lot of work to do.

Eventually, in the next life, I'll reach perfection. Right now, I'm just striving for purity.