Tuesday, February 8, 2011

A little pretty: felt flowers

I made some of these for my nieces' birthdays this month and I think I'll make a few for me. So simple and so cute!
Materials needed:
felt in various, matching colors
flower template (you can make your own or use this one)
scissors and pins
thread and needle
button (optional)
hot glue gun
barrette, headband, or alligator clip

Cut out your template pieces and pin them on your felt.

Cut out the felt, unpin them from the template, layer the petals in an aesthetically pleasing configuration, and sew them together in the middle (I did a couple stitches in the middle on the big ones and sewed a button on securely over the stitching to hide it. Also, I hot glued a couple of the bigger petals to each other for reinforcement). Hot glue your flower onto your hair piece and you're done!

Super easy. Very cute. Very cheap. Totally my kind.

1 comment:

  1. We love them!!! My girls wear them everyday. Lydie sleeps in hers!