Wednesday, May 18, 2011


All right. Now I feel okay blogging about Charleston.

Ava and I were out of town for like 3 weeks straight. My parents went to the Hong of Kong to see their bestest buddies who live there and I Shannon-sat because who the heck would leave a 16 year-old at home by herself for 10 days?? Although I think I kept things crazier than they would have been if Shannon had just been there alone but ANYHOODLE. Amidst all the out-of-town-ness I was madly gathering paperwork and criminal records and driving records and MBE scores for Danny so he can take the Michigan Bar Exam for his new job WHILST preparing and putting an offer down on a house. Oh. And Ava decided to cut 4 molars all at once. Crazy. But all-good-things crazy. Can't complain about that.

So once my parental units returned to their domicile I left my babe with them and went with one of my best friends, Reilly, to Charleston.




Even just the plane ride alone with the option to sleep or read or DO WHATEVER THE HECK I WANTED BECAUSE I HAD MY LAP TO MYSELF was beyond-words relieving. The city was absotute-ly beautiful and the weather was perfect. Reilly's cousin, Jen, lives down there and has a house in downtown in which we stayed. Since her cousin lives on Sullivan's Island, about 20 minutes from downtown, we had the place to ourselves. And she decorated it BEAUTIFULLY. I felt like I was staying in a magazine:

Our days were leisurely (sight-seeing, shopping, and beaching) and our nights were spent having fun with Reilly's family. Jen has four boys and we did a lot with them, including a couple Riverdogs games. They're the minor league farm team in Charleston for the Yankees. The boys' dad owns the team so it was fun to get special treatment (okay, okay. Their dad is Bill Murray. They're a pretty big deal. WINK).

One of the games lasted until 1 am - the fog rolled in shortly after it ended.

Mascots of any kind creep me out. And the germs! OH the germs!

Pralines are legitimately delish. And southern.

If you ever go to Charleston YOU HAVE TO EAT AT HYMAN'S. It was delicious. Except that my body hated me afterward because I could not resist the gluten. Hush puppies and whatnot. BUT I DON'T REGRET IT.

The architecture was amazing and the people were actually very polite.
The homes were ridiculous (I didn't take this photo)

And there was beautiful wrought iron work everywhere.

I would go back in a heartbeat.


  1. Glad you posted this so ... Now I have an outline to update my blog!

  2. Pretty much jealous you got to meet Bill Murray.