Friday, May 27, 2011

Take THAT USDA Food Pyramid.

Yeah. So I have issues with the USDA. And the FDA. Remember that pyramid you were taught in school? The one with grains on the very bottom? Well, grain shouldn't be there. Fresh fruits and veggies should.

My good friend, Emily, is a genius. She has discovered green smoothies and has passed on the wonder to me. The basic point of drinking them is to get as many raw, green, leafy veggies into your body as possible. Don't worry, you add enough fruit to it to make it taste delish. It is working wonders for my skin, energy level, and cravings for junk food. In fact, I have cut sugar completely out of my diet. And I don't feel deprived. I crave good food. And that? Feels amazing.

Anyhoodle, here's the one we (Ava and I) made this morning (best breakfast ever):

Two huge handfuls of spinach and about 7 little baby bok choys

About a TBS of flax

An apple and some mango (sometimes a little stevia)

Some mixed, frozen berries

Blend and enjoy. Yum.
Even she likes it (I love how she knows she needs to make a face when the camera is out. Now I just need to teach her to smile).

And here's the official Green Smoothie Girl to give you the basics.

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  1. We add yogurt to ours... you can also food process the vegs and freeze them in cute little cubes, that way you can purchase them in season and have a bunch for later. (we do this with kale and cabbage!) My mother is always frustrated when she comes looking for ice, because my trays are always filled with vegs and fruit juice.