Wednesday, May 4, 2011

kai won xiao

You know what's awesome/kind of infuriating about China and Hong Kong and a good portion of the rest of the world? The haggling for goods in the open-air markets. It's awesome when you get a really good deal on something that is actually of pretty high quality but it is annoying when you overpay for a piece of junk.

My parents just got back from a fabulous trip to Hong Kong to see their best friends, Brad and Katie, who live there. Now, my sister and I were able to see Brad and Katie in Hong Kong about 2 years ago as well. Let me tell you a little something about Katie's sweet skills at the market - she is a champion haggler. The Michael Phelps of wheeling and dealing. It's truly a thing to behold. And you can bet my parents came home with some pretty sweet stuff (read: not junk) under her tutelage.

There isn't a whole lot of haggling to be done in America. We deal and discount and we offer and counter offer but it's nothing like China. We generally pay the price on the price tag or go the more polite, non-confrontational route of coupons! and sales! And you can get some pretty good deals that way too.

Pour example: I got a high quality unmentionable last week for $4.52 (orginally $32.99). I also got a highlight and cut for $10.00 (orginally $110.00). But the deal I am most excited about is this house:

We came in a good deal under the asking price. AND I JUST LOVE A GOOD DEAL.

p.s. my year of pictures has been drastically interrupted by a certain BABY who has gone through a ridiculous GROWTH SPURT and was able to reach the strap of my camera (where, just days before it would have been okay) and pull the whole thing off the table and onto the ground. yeah. that's an expensive fix so....maybe next year?

p.p.s. i am pretty sure that the title of this post is spelled correctly but I may be comically WAY OFF on that. if this offends you than you need to stop getting offended so easily.


  1. So CUTE!! I love it! I need interior pics when you get them.

  2. I want to see Katie Hillam haggling!

    Your house is PERFECT! How FUN! You must be in heaven. I really do love the look of your house. Does it feel real that you OWN it? Post pictures of the inside soon!

  3. Did you get a brazilian...? I hope that made you feel awkward, if not I'll try harder next time! :) and seriously LOVE LOVE the house can you tell us more about it?!

  4. @whitney - HAHAHA well I did get one of those recently but I am talking about a BRA. TMI??? I HOPE SO.

    I'll put up pics sooooon. I love the Shaina.

    And Mandy....don't be too disappointed at the interior. We have work to do to make it pretty. Woot.